Finding a Soul Mate

For many people, finding a true soul mate is very difficult and though on many occasions they may have thought that they had found one, they have only been disappointed later. On the website, Angela Yan gives advice on how to use meditation and spiritualism to help you find your true soul mate. On her website she describes some of the instances she has experienced in this field and tells of how her inner strength, through spiritual self-healing has seen her through this emotionally challenging times. She also describes on her website true soulmate signs you should perhaps look out for to help you in choosing someone that truly could be your soul mate.

Spiritual self-healing is practiced by many people with varying success but other forms of spiritual healing are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Many people think that there is just one type of spiritual healing,the one they have often witnessed on TV or online, where a minister heals someone by laying their hands on them and saying something like ‘be-gone’. This is only the form of spiritual healing known as Contact Healing but there are 5 other forms

The other forms of spiritual healing are:

Magnetic Healing – This is where the energy from a healer is passed to the person to be healed but does not involve any sort of contact, just for the healer to concentrate their energy and pass it on. It has long been considered an old wives tale that you should not let a child sleep with the elderly as the elderly person may “steal” the child’s energy. This is perhaps not possible though as the one passing on the energy is supposed to be the instigator and not the recipient.

Absent Healing – This is a form of spiritual healing where the patient need not even be present and is perhaps a form of healing which is most commonly used and most of us will have had some experience of it in our local church. With this type of healing, a church congregation or other group will pray for the patient and perhaps focus their thoughts on them as they do so.

Distant Healing – This is similar to absent healing but in this instance the patient is usually present and so makes it easier for the congregation to focus on them.

Near to the Body Healing – This is very similar to contact healing except that in these cases, no contact is actually made between the healer and the patient.

Trance Healing – Once again this is similar to contact healing but the difference is that the healer will follow guidelines which will enable them to go into a trance before administering the healing to a patient.

Although these forms of spiritual healing are becoming more popular, there are still many skeptics as to just how effective they are. They certainly do seem to be effective for some people but perhaps the most important thing is that a patient must believe they will work for them to be successful.

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