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Is HMB the Miracle Supplement We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Before you go and click back and exit out of this website just give us a second to justify ourselves. First, YES we know, everyone and every supplement manufacturer throughout the world claims to have developed “the next big thing” every year. Unsurprisingly these often turn out to be flops, as most supplement companies are more concerned with getting up front profits than they are actually investing in R&D and developing a powerful new product.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about some bogus bottle of snake oil. Today we are going to talk about something that has plenty of evidence to make you consider it for your own health. Today we are talking about HMB-FA, which is short for beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acid. It’s a mouth full, but you’ll be glad to learn how to say it once you read about how awesome this little supplement is.

Watch this quick video for a brief overview on what Clear Muscle (the branded version of HMB-FA) is all about:

When it comes to determining whether a supplement is worth its weight you can never depend on the manufacturers alone. All kinds of manufacturers make wild claims about their own products. To truly determine whether a product is worth your time or not, you need to look for two things.

First, you need to look for university or academic studies that have shown research indicating or confirming the claims of the supplement company. There are many universities that test individual compounds, so doing a quick search for studies may be worth it when investigating anything new you want to put into your body.

Secondly, in addition to university backed research, you want to find real-life, first hand reviews of supplements to help you determine if they work in real-life situations.

In regards to HMB-FA, which is branded as Clear Muscle by the company Muscletech, they have plenty of university reviews (check out the University of Tampa research on the supplement), in addition to real life case studies.

Real life case studies should be from reputable sources, not just strangers in forums. In the case of Clear Muscle, the natural bodybuilding website targeted at ectomorphs “Skinny Yoked” has gone ahead and published a fantastic live journal Clear Muscle review detailing their experiences with HMB-FA.

The review spans the course of several months, and the authors detail the dosing and the training program which they paired with the supplement. They also post pictures of the product being consumed and the pros and cons of the supplement. For example, they list acid reflux as a potential downside of taking HMB-FA on an empty stomach. They also list the lean muscle gains they’ve built.

Overall the review done by Skinny Yoked is one for the books and one of the only real-life live journal type case studies available on the internet. All other reviews are just forum comments here and there without any details to substantiate claims.

The real life reviews in combination with the university studies on the active compounds are enough to show that yes, HMB-FA, known as Clear Muscle by Muscletech, is a dominant force in building new lean muscle when paired with a particularly difficult type of weight training known as over-reaching.

So if you’re looking for something to up your bodybuilding gains you may just want to look into Clear Muscle a little bit more. It’s not cheap but it’s a pretty cool supplement.

Regardless of what you are looking to add to your diet, make sure and do plenty of research ahead of time and look for the things we mentioned:

  • University studies looking at the effectiveness of the active compounds
  • Real life case studies and long term reviews

If you search for this information prior to making purchases you should save yourself a ton of time and hassle over the period of years. So yeah, when you’re in amazing shape, come back and thank us for the advice!

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