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Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

Do you want to smoothen out your curves and have a leaner body without the need to undergo invasive surgery? Then you can go for sculpsure los angeles 2016. This is a non-invasive procedure that helps contour the body without having to go under the knife. This innovative procedure is quite new in the market and can be done in clinics. Unlike surgery, you don’t need extended recovery period in order for your body to heal and do normal things again.

Laser Technology

This non-invasive procedure makes use of laser technology so that it can contour and sculpt your body without having to cut you up. The lasers used are aimed to destroy or damage the fat cells in a specific area in the body to prevent fat from accumulating at that site. This produces a more contoured body. The procedure involves heating up the fat cells in a temperature high enough to damage them but don’t you worry, your skin or other tissues will not be damaged because there is a cooling system to prevent them from burning or heating up. The lasers will only target the fat cells and destroy them and once they are destroyed, the body will be the one responsible in eliminating it through a natural process. The fats melted are naturally removed by the body through the lymphatic system. The result will be a smaller and smoother body.

Areas Of The Body It Can Be Used

The procedure was created to decrease the fat in body parts where fat can be difficult to remove through diet and exercise. These areas include the abdomen and flanks, hips and thighs as well as the upper arms. It is possible to treat different areas in one time through the use of the different applicator heads. This makes it possible to have full treatment in less time. Less time consumed makes the process more convenient for those who are very busy in their daily activities. It is also perfect for those who can’t afford to stay in bed to recover for a long time because they have undergone surgery. To date, this procedure is one of the most efficient non-surgical procedures to reduce fat in the body.

The Results

The results from this procedure can’t be seen immediately right after the procedure. It would still develop within a few weeks’ time. On an average, patients report that they were able to see and experience the full results after 2-3 months. It is researched that a fat reduction of about 24% would be reduced in the specific area where treatment was done. Out of all that has gone through this procedure, 90% of them were satisfied with the results.

Availability Of The Procedure

The procedure is fairly new and it might still not be available in skin clinics all over the world but there are already a lot of clinics that have this procedure available among the list of procedures that they have. It is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that you should try out especially if you don’t have much free time in your hands.

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