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Revisiting the 60s

A lot of people can be heard to say that they would like to revisit the 1960s and although most of them say that referring to the music of that period, there are some that wish the 60s would return because then there was a weight loss drug that really worked. In the 50s and 60s a drug named Phentermine became very popular and the reason for its popularity was that it could allow you to lose weight even without the need of exercise or dieting. Unfortunately though as it was suspected of being addictive, the FDA did tests on it only to find that not only was it addictive but it was also the cause of many other illnesses as it had chemicals that were potentially very harmful to health and so had no choice but to ban its use. Since its ban, people that want to lose weight have again turned to the unpopular exercise and dieting. You do of course see and have for many years, dozens of so called weight loss products available but for the most part, although they can assist in weight loss, the user still has to exercise and stick to a diet. That is until now because recently a new drug appeared and it is being hailed as the new Phentermine. This drug’s name is PhenQ and you can learn about it at Http:// This and many other reviews back up the manufacturers claims that this drug can provide results similar to Phentermine and so weight loss can be seen in just 4 weeks, even without the person having to exercise or diet. Obviously though, if the person did just exercise mildly and participate in a little dieting, the results would be even more impressive but seemingly they are impressive enough for most people without any of either. The one difference between PhenQ and Phentermine is though that no harmful side effects have been associated with PhenQ and there are likely to be none as the FDA have already completed their tests and found no harmful side effects that can be associated with. In fact the FDA decided that PhenQ did not even need a prescription to be used and so cleared for sale over the counter. No longer do some people have to wish the 60s would return as for those wanting to lose weight, it would seem that they already have but with the added advantage that a weight loss drug which can be used, has no harmful side effects. It isn’t perhaps because people are adverse to exercise or that they could not handle a diet, it is more because today’s modern lifestyle is not particularly conducive to either. Finding time to follow an aggressive exercise regime for instance is not something that can easily be done in today’s world which is already very busy. A diet, regardless of how light it may be is hard to stick to when the lifestyle of today is built around fast food outlets.

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